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Tales From the Via Podiensis-l) Finally the end is in sight

The early morning starts continued and where was it best to view the sunrise or the early morning mist but from the top of a hill! By this stage as I was now in the foothills of the Pyrenees there were plenty of hill top views to be had. There is something about the changing […]

Tales from the Via Podiensis-k) The Pyrenees Foothills

There were always new sights every day on the GR 65 to behold. I can remember stopping and gazing at one small lake prior to Maslacq one morning. The reason I stopped was because this particular lake had both the greatest number and variety of water birds that I had come across so far on […]

Trekking in Iceland Posts-

The Laugavegur Trail- https://debverranlivinglifeoutdoors.travel.blog/2019/07/27/trekking-the-laugavegur-trail-in-iceland-day-1-part-a-the-trailhead-and-fumeroles/

Hiking the Via Podiensis France –

Series of blog posts commencing with https://debverranlivinglifeoutdoors.travel.blog/2019/11/06/tales-from-the-via-podiensis/

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